Non Verbal Hypnosis and Regressions

Prof. Carreiro and dr. Paret approach to Non Verbal Hypnosis goes beyond standard paradigms used by most hypnotists. Carreiro uses the hypnotic touch of Charcot, dr. Paret use the eyes fascination that lead to access to procedurale memories with a unique hypnotic efficacy. These are non verbal hypnosis techniques that optimize the mind, body and spirit relation.

Marco Paret, Antonio Carreiro and other International Trainers

Dr. Marco Paret

Director of the International Institute of Hypnosis and Non Verbal Communication in Nice (ISI-CNV), international trainer with experience in 4 continents. During the course he will explain new techniques of hypnotic regressions and protocols for the resolution of negative emotions and stressful events


Prof. Antonio Carreiro

He is the most representative professor in Non Verbal Hypnosis and Regressions in South America. He is professor in Brasilian and USA Universities. During the congress he will explain his techniques of trauma resolution based on non verbal hypnosis.

Masterclass in Non Verbal Hypnosis and  (prof.  Carreiro), 11-12 December 2017 

  • Carrierian Non Verbal Hypnosis
  • Paretian Non Verbal Hypnosis
  • Mesmeric Polyvagal Technique
  • Non-verbal Hypnosis – How to Hypnotize With Body Language
  • Non-verbal and Regressive Hypnosis – Advanced Models
  • Regressive Hypnosis and Quick Induction Techniques
  • What questions to ask in Hypnosis: working on archetypes and unconscious
  • The Charcot Touch
  • Eyes Fascination Technique
  • How to talk to the Unconscious
  • Archetypes and Unconscious
  • Practice

 See some examples of Hypnosis you will learn at the course

See some examples of Hypnosis you will learn at the course

Participation fee – €299 instead of €690

Cosa include la quota

  • Training Course (Basic and / or Specialist)
  • Teaching materials
  • Scripts of Regressive Hypnosis (what to say in Hypnosis)
  • Exercises
  • Translation of international speakers
  • Certificate of Participation

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