Hystory of hypnotism


Learn the secret….

The non verbal is the key to the secret.
Animal magnetism could be called the power of the non-verbal…

The old hypnotists
hypnotized without words and very
quickly. And what’s more, if you
read the old books, you
see that some old
hypnotists were a lot
more powerful than the current ones!

Mental Suggestion, Telesthesia
and many other facts were
well documented in

There is a secret below. The
modern hypnosis techniques
use the word but the results
of the ancients were obtained without
words, and it’s impossible to
describe completely with the
words a system that is at the base


You can discover in a very readable format the sources and the real history of MESMERISM from its hidden sources onward.

This book is NOT ONLY HYSTORICAL, it also PRACTICAL. Giving you hints of the various techniques adopted by the MASTERS
And looking at our video will make even clearer the system

The writing style makes the book very readable and comprehensible.
This book is a major contribution to the literature of hypnosis and will be used as a source book and reference volume for many years to come.

From the introduction:

“This book will trace the fortunes and developments of Animal Magnetism and Hypnotism from the time of Mesmer. It is a practical book based not only on study, but also on our practical experience with the use of ancient techniques guided by people who still practice the original magnetic techniques.

These people we have met live in the western world, and heal in a different way from traditional medicine and psychology…. In reality it is an inborn capacity of every human being that can be cultivated and perfected.
… In performing the techniques, we came across stunning results. People were healed, pain was removed in a very simple way and we ourselves felt much better and energetic. In practicing the exercise, we observed our impact was stronger in a personal relationship.
Hypnotism and Animal Magnetism can be allied disciplines for healing the human being…
Healing is a process that involves the human being as a whole; starting from his animal part. We must rediscover it. Our modern culture and society make us live in a world of images and thoughts. But even if we spend most of our time in front of PC screens, our inner and real nature is always the same as the one cavemen had. Our inner self is always sensible to natural things and has more sensory acuity than we normally use. Our body is more central in this kind of work than our minds are. To effectively heal and to relate to other human beings we must always start from something related to the body.
The original discipline
“Magnetism is the art of aiding nature in re-establishing equilibrium in the body” (Mesmer)

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Dr. Marco Paret is recognized as a world authority in the field of mesmerism, fascination, hypnosis and NLP, he is an international trainer and researcher. He has published more than 20 books in 3 different languages. Dr. Marco has trained thousands of students through his ISI-CNV Learning Academy, helping  them to start bright careers in a range of different healing modalities

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