11-12 December Regressive Hypnosis


Base Program – Milan 8-9-10 December 2017 (Dr. Paret)

  • How to Conduct a Regressive Hypnosis session
  • Which words to use to unlock past events
  • How to Talk to the Unconscious
  • Scripts and advanced texts for Regressive Hypnosis
  • Practice

Masterclass in Non-verbal and Regressive Hypnosis (Prof. Carreiro & Dr. Paret), December 11-12, 2017 

  • Non-verbal Hypnosis – How to Hypnotize With Body Language
  • Non-verbal and Regressive Hypnosis – Advanced Models
  • Regressive Hypnosis and Quick Induction Techniques
  • What questions to ask in Hypnosis: working on archetypes and unconscious
  • Practice

See some examples of Hypnosis you will be learning at Base Module

See some examples of Hypnosis you will be learning from the Specialization Module

Teachers: Marco Paret, Antonio Carreiro and other International Rapporteurs

Dr. Marco Paret

Director of the International Institute forHypnosis and  Non-Verbal HypnosisCommunicationof Nice (ISI-CNV), an international speaker with experience in four continents. In the congress, it will exclusively explain the new hypnotic regression techniques and protocols for the resolution of negative emotions and past events.


Prof. Antonio Carreiro

He is the most representative author of the Rapid, Non-verbal and Regressive Hypnosis of South America. He is a professor at Brazilian and American Universities. During this Conference he will exclusively explain his techniques of trauma processing exclusively on a non-verbal basis. How to induce a non-verbal regression.


Participation Rate:

1. Bronze Ticket – € 139

Basic Course (Dr. Paret)
8-9-10 December 2017


2. Silver Ticket – € 299

Masterclass with Prof. Antonio Carreiro & Dr. Marco Paret 
11-12 December 2017


3. Gold Ticket – € 399

Basic Course + Masterclass 
8-9-10-11-12 December 2017


What is included in the fee:

  • Training Course (Basic and / or Specialist)
  • Teaching materials
  • Scripts of Regressive Hypnosis (what to say in Hypnosis)
  • Exercises
  • Translation of international speakers
  • Certificate of Participation

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